The unseen side of HR – an appreciation

A week or two ago I stumbled across a post on LinkedIn that leapt out at me.  It was about the things that HR people do that don’t get seen and appreciated.  I had never seen anything like it written about HR before so I liked and re-posted it. 

The post was written by Lisa Young who is not someone I had ever come across before.  Like me, Lisa is a New Zealand HR Consultant so we connected and I congratulated her on the post.  It’s fair to say it’s gone a bit viral!  Check out Lisa on LinkedIn and her website.  She’s all about developing the skills and practices of HR practitioners which is something close to my own heart.  And she posts great, informative content. 

Lisa’s original post has been liked by nearly 700 people, attracted over 100 comments and been shared 85 times at the time of writing.  The numbers are still growing!  My own repost also struck a chord with a few hundred likes and many re-shares.  You know you’ve gone viral when the majority of people liking it are not people you are directly connected to. 

I thought I would share it on here as well as it deserves a wider audience.  Have a read and let me know what you think. 

What would be something else in your experience that HR people do that goes unseen or unappreciated?


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