The 12 Blogs of Christmas – the final wrap

So this year’s 12 Blogs series comes to an end, my Secret Santa gifts all unwrapped and the tree packed away for next year.

Many thanks to everyone who liked, shared, commented or re-tweeted a post. I normally try and acknowledge personally people who do that, but was too busy to keep up this year so didn’t try.

Most importantly my thanks to the 13 (yes 13, I slipped in an extra post because I can) authors who didn’t ask for the pressure of writing a post just before Christmas but all did so with a minimum of fuss and seemed genuinely pleased to be asked. Great names, great people. I hope you all have a fantastic year end holiday season.

If you missed any they are listed below. They are all worthy of your time.

Just a few reflections to wrap it a all up. I try and target lapsed, very occasional or first time bloggers. I could easily target everyone I know who blogs regularly but that’s too easy. And they have to be connected to NZ or Australia.

I made an exception this year with Jonathon Hagger who is a quite prolific writer, thinker and sharer of good stuff on line. He is a one man example of how to “do” social media in a totally good way and have a kick arse personal brand. He’s not an HR person just an everyday manager as he likes to style himself, but I wanted to include his thinking and knew I would get something a little out there from him. I did!

I loved the practical example Meredith Blackler gave of doing good HR stuff in the community (this was the most read post). There were the great career advice posts from Harriet, Tash and Sarah – all young practitioners doing great things. Thought provoking stuff from Zoe, Louise, Alecia and Claire.

I loved the personal reflections as well. Hannah and Siobhan’s life changing years, Rebecca’s passion, Neil’s guide to resilience.

Yes, I would have liked more male perspectives than just Jonathon and Neil, but two others I approached unfortunately declined the opportunity late in the day.

Will I do it all again next year? We’ll see. Let’s just say there are already a couple of names on my wish list!

Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks also for reading my rambling thoughts this year and the feedback and interaction. It means a lot. See you in 2016!

#1 Meredith Blackler – the gift of giving

#2 Siobhán Hanley – a magical year…it started with a (birthday) wish

#3 Harriet Riley – the notes of an HR student

#4 Tash Pieterse – knowing what you want

#5 Sarah Miller – the new rules of career advice

#6 Alecia Thompson – all I want for Christmas is…

#7 Rebecca Wrightson – celebrating passion

#8 Hannah Mundell – voice of a newbie

#9 Neil Meekin – resilience

#10 Zoe Mounsey – two worlds collide

#11 Louise Amey – giving your candidates a soft landing

#12 Jonathon Hagger – an alternative Christmas Carol

#13 Claire Huxley – turkey anyone?

4 thoughts on “The 12 Blogs of Christmas – the final wrap

  1. A View from a Bridge says:

    Thanks so much for your christmas blogging gift! I enjoyed all of the insights of your bloggers. As someone who has stepped out of HR to refresh, I feel inspired that the future of the profession is in good hands… at least across the pond. I’m also inspired to start blogging again! 🙂 Merry Christmas

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