The 12 Blogs of Christmas 2015 – #2

siobhanThe second post is from Siobhán Hanley who I have only got to know relatively recently. Siobhán is founder and director of Work Wellbeing: a workplace consultancy specialising in realising workforce and workplace potential through practical application of behavioural science and positive psychology and wellbeing. She describes herself as a Teal practitioner and champion. On Twitter she is @work_well_being.

A Magical Year – it started with a (birthday) wish…

It’s been a MAGICAL year!  I had a special birthday and decided to celebrate properly. Now anyone that knows me, knows that us Irish never have a problem celebrating (yes even when we lose the rugby!). But this was something deeper and more intentional, purposeful if you will.

So what was different? I took time for me. I mindfully chose my mindset and my intention. I consciously decided to make this special and actually enjoy the process (and not give into stressed, a*a mode).  I actively chose to be playful and whimsical and have FUN (long forgotten traits I’m afraid to say).

I decided to plan and really listen to my heart’s desire. I wanted a magic-garden themed birthday party. I wanted a (first ever) professionally made cake. I wanted the perfect setting.  A courtyard make-over was in order.  In a playful and creative way my darling and I had such fun and satisfaction (well maybe that was just me!?) in doing that together.  The party was a great success – yes I got the magic-garden but oh I got so much more! Sunshine, joy, laughter, sharing, gorgeous food and of course the beverages flowed… but so too did the ‘vibe’.  I began to dream beyond my party and let the concept flow to the rest of my year / life.


The energy of that fabulous gathering of great people caused a ripple in my life that reverberated in a year of positive, fun-filled, exciting adventures.  Resulting in more deep learning and, dare I say, emerging wisdom … I am that onion that keeps on peeling!!  I feel ‘aha’ I’ve got that. But then another layer falls away and I am a better person for that learning. I’ve come to realise that this is my journey – to allow the layers to peel (maybe a skinny me will emerge at some stage lol.  Or not, that may not matter as much as I thought it did!)

The ‘vibe’ resulted in spontaneous adventures, that I wouldn’t have ever imagined at the start of the year.  I slept on the rim of the Grand Canyon, I drank woweee margaritas in Scottsdale Arizona. I visited a friend there that I haven’t seen in 13 years and I lunched with two ‘brothers’ in San Fran whom I haven’t seen in an even longer time.  The list goes on!

I discovered my tribe. I fell in love with ‘Teal’ and  Reinventing Organisations. I found joy, focus and connection on discovering #NZLead and #WOL (Working Out Loud).  I’ve found amazing welcoming communities through Art of Hosting and World Café. I sense the glow of a wonderful emerging future. I discovered Theory U.  The world feels a far more positive, hopeful place that it did before this year of discovery and adventure. Yes, in spite of all the violence and fear being spread. In spite of losses of good friends and great people. I have tapped into a river, nay an ocean of good will, great spirits on my journey this year and am blessed with a growing number of great friends.   This has been a year of celebration and so many highs including becoming a true Kiwi (citizen).

Of course, there have been challenges and lows and old beliefs and fears raise their heads but you know I’m starting to see them for what they are!  Every day, my world expands a little, I grow in mind, spirit and soul, I find more to be grateful for.  I, at last, am a friend to myself.  All because I decided. I chose.  And wow when you do that.. the fairy dust just sparkles in the sunshine!

So, my wish for you, this festive season, is that you create the space and place for you to decide that 2016 is going to be a magical year. Instead of lists of goals this year, perhaps, a different focus?  A softer, less determined/controlled approach? To choose you. To consciously choose your intention. To look for the good. To be grateful. To be open. To be kind. To let life unfold. To breath and relax more …. And watch the magic unfold!  Namaste

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3 thoughts on “The 12 Blogs of Christmas 2015 – #2

  1. Sarah Miller (@sarahmillerau) says:

    This is beautiful Siobhán – I couldn’t agree more about the power of deciding on something. I’ve started using a vision board, and although a tad on the cheesy side, I have had so much fun seeing all these things fun happen because I decided that’s what I want to spend my time on. Happy 2016, I’m sure you’ll make it a fabulous year! 🙂

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