The 12 Blogs of Christmas 2014 – that’s a wrap

12 Blogs 14

What a fascinating series of posts we’ve had again this year. Personal journeys and memories, new adventures, change, learning, passion, innovation. We’ve had pleas for wellbeing, transparency, generosity, values and ethics. We’ve also had advice for HR from those outside as well as within to challenge ourselves to do more, be better, look wider.

A big thank you from me to all the contributors for your time and efforts. This year has way surpassed my expectations in terms of the quality of the writing the and the response from readers. If it is anything like last year, people will still be reading your posts all through 2015. They are the gift that keeps on giving.

All the posts are listed below if you missed any or want to re-read them together with each author’s Twitter name if you want to follow them online.

Also, a big thank you to you (dear reader) for allowing me this indulgence and, if you are a regular reader, thanks for your support, comments and feedback throughout the year. I am constantly amazed by people I meet who say they read and enjoy the blog. That’s why I do it and it has opened and continues to open so many interesting doors and connections for me. Without social media, I would know of only a small handful of these guest writers for example. Connectivity is so important.

I wish you all, whichever part of the planet you inhabit, a wonderful Christmas and new year.

As for me, I will be enjoying a family Christmas, the first in our new home, and a few weeks of relaxation after a hard year of work. 2015 will bring a new job, new challenges and plenty of things to write about I am sure.

Peter Cheese is right, there has never been a better time to work in HR. The times they are a changing and if I can close with one quote from the final post by Kirsti as my advice for next year, it’s this.

“There are no rules here – just do awesome, be humble and recognise that times are changing and it’s much more fun to lead that change than bury your head in the sand and hold onto the past.”

How will YOU make a difference in 2015?

Lessons from my Mum by Hassanah Rudd @HassanahRudd
12 Days of long hours and short wicks by Claire Le Grice @Clairelegrice
The good, the bad and the awesome – musings from my first year as a HR freelancer by Michael Sleap @Michaelsleap
How to ditch Xmas blah at your workplace by Carol Howard @blackbirdsthree
The age of transparency by David Cullen @Davidcullen57
How HR professionals can help save our planet by Anonymous
Dear Santa, please can I have a better life? by Claire Huxley @Clairelhuxley
Health and wellbeing in the context of work by Galia Barhava-Monteith @Galiabm
Getting out the building by Jade Shearstone @Jadeshearstone
Standard bearers by Warren Young @Warrenyoungster
The age of generosity recruitment by Phillip Tusing @Philliptusing
Let it snow by Kirsti Grant @Kirstigrant

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