Writ large – New Zealand’s HR bloggers

shutterstock_216819316Bloggers in my experience are intelligent, clever and thoughtful people (see what I did with the title? A little topical humour). We are not generally loud mouthed, ego driven ranters. At least, not in the HR space.

When I first started writing this blog nearly two years ago, I had many motivations for doing so. One of them was that no one else in the New Zealand HR profession was doing it and there was a gap to be filled. At least, that’s how it seemed at the time.

Similarly, I thought if I could do it then that might inspire a few others to jump in and write stuff too.

It occurred to me recently while going through all the HR blogs I follow and read that there is a growing list of NZ generated content that needs to be shared and celebrated.

Recently US blogger Christopher Demers, who publishes a weekly Best HR Blogs list, joked that he could do a whole one on New Zealand bloggers alone. Well, he hasn’t followed through with that yet so I have nicked his idea!

Here then, in no particular order, are the Kiwi HR/Recruitment pros who write good stuff and make me think. Follow them, read them, debate with them, cherish and encourage them. And if you are suitably inspired, join them.

Amanda Sterling – Learning to Fly/NZLead @Amanda_sterling

Amanda is an inspiration to us all as well as a prolific and brave writer. She has her own blog which is honest and personal, and also writes for/facilitates posts on the #NZLead platform which is the best online HR resource in New Zealand if you haven’t seen it before.

Jonathan Rice – The Whiteboard @JonathanRiceNZ

Jonathan is both a top bloke and a bloody good writer. He publishes a new post week in, week out and the quality is consistently high. His writing style is a nice mix of hard hitting, humorous and smart. He is the voice of NZ recruitment and makes it all look effortless.

Vanessa Pye – Culture Change by Design @Culturechange1

A recent addition to the NZ blog roll and arguably one of the best. Vanessa’s posts are thoughtful, intelligent and full of self awareness.

Rachel Kemp – The Musings of an Internal Recruiter @RachelMouse

I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting Rachel in real life but I like her style. A relatively new and infrequent blogger, Rachel’s posts are always quality. Her most recent post about discovering a talented future employee while standing in line at McDonalds is inspirational and refreshingly innovative. Check it out here

Angela Atkins – HR Management Bites @Anj_Atkins

Angela is a proven writer (she’s already had two HR text books published) and is also emerging as a real leader in the profession. Her initiative in setting up the recent HR Game Changer conference was much appreciated by everyone who attended.

Vaughan Granier – Notes from the Road @vaughangranier

Like me, Vaughan is a foreigner who has found himself doing HR in Wellington. I have only recently discovered Vaughan’s blog and met him for the first time. I like his style and his most recent post on personal blind spots is well worth a read.

Kathryn Clark – HR Working Mum @Kat_C1ark

Kat describes herself as a full-time Mum who is also completing a bachelor’s degree in business (HR major of course) and who holds down a job so it’s no surprise she isn’t yet a frequent blogger. But we need the new voices as well as the experienced ones. More please.

Megan Borrie – Into the Wild @meganborrie

Another newish blogger with just two posts to her name. But she’s getting involved and writes well. Watch her closely.

Sarah Bond – Employ Me Now @EmployMeNowNZ

Sarah is a one woman whirlwind from the south island, doing her stuff in the deep south. Another no nonsense blogger who draws on her consulting experience to talk common sense.

Kylie Telford – HR Musings @KylieTelford

Yet another good writer who covers a wide range of topics and has the ability to both personalise her posts and talk a lot of sense.

Tash Pieterse – HR Workaholic @TashTasticNZ

Last but by no means least, another #NZLeader finding her way in the profession and through life. Just 25, she has wisdom beyond her years. Tash was one of the first to put herself out there and share her journey. Her posts are less frequent these days being the workaholic that she is but she’s a very accomplished writer already.

There are one or two others dipping a bit of a toe into this blogging lark and I hope others are becoming inspired to get their thoughts out into the wider world. Sorry if I’ve missed anyone important, let me know and I’ll pick you up next time.

13 thoughts on “Writ large – New Zealand’s HR bloggers

  1. perrytimms says:

    What a generous, helpful and inspiring thing to do here Richard. Like the appreciative professional you are this piece celebrates all that is good in our new found digitally connected socialised ways of being.

    I salute these guys and you for keeping it real, passionate and downright stimulating.

  2. Vaughan Rivett says:

    It is great to see people in Human Resources embrace knowledge sharing through social media. It’s my view that the most valuable people in the workplace are those who are prepared to share their knowledge.

    Well done to all those people who are daring to put themselves out there!

  3. Vaughan Granier says:

    Richard, you are thoughtful and uplifting! Even if I were not mentioned, I would say this was an example of how to be a great colleague and mentor. And I am humbled that you consider me worth mentioning. Thank you.

  4. Corinne Torres says:

    A generous compilation of blogs by dedicated HR professionals … Hint hint to leaders thinking that their HR department is “underperforming” and clueless about meeting business priorities 🙂

  5. katc1ark says:

    Reblogged this on hrworkingmum and commented:
    A special blog with names of NZ HR bloggers I follow and admire… oh yeah, I’m meantioned. It’s a bit of a motivator to keep journaling my journey/juggles. 🙂 Thanks @HRManNZ!

  6. Jonathan Rice says:

    Richard, thanks, you are very kind to include me. Your one major flaw of supporting Chelsea is comfortably superseded by your erudite wit and appetite for positive change in HR. Cozy love-in ahoy.

  7. hrmannz says:

    Thanks all for the comments. Nice to be able to acknowledge the growing number and quality of NZ HR blogs. Punching above our weight as ever and contrast that with our cousins across the ditch. Other than Sarah, I can’t think of anyone in the HR space doing it.

  8. Michael Carty says:

    This is an excellent and generous post, Richard, and about time the bloggers of NZ were celebrated in this way. And I can’t believe I’ve had the good fortune to meet three of the leading lights of NZ blogging (yourself included) in person, too!

  9. ChristopherinHR says:

    I love this, and respect all these writers! It is no “joke” that NZ is leading the way in the emerging sense HR in the 21st century. How proud I am to know these peeps

  10. angelaatkins says:

    I’ve heard that Richard Westney writes quite a good blog too… 🙂
    A great list and thank you for including me! You’ve inspired a new blog post from me too, even though I’m on holiday. And a couple of new bloggers that I’ll be checking out.

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