This is the social world

A few thoughts from Gemma Reucroft on a little collaborative event we have coming up this week. People often ask me why I “do Twitter” and this is the reason. As HR professionals we need to manage our own personal development and explore boundaries. I really believe that. Sharing and collaboration is part of the future of HR and business. If you don’t understand that you are missing out.

People Stuff

My love for all things social media is well documented in this blog.

Social has changed, is changing, will change some more, the way that we work. How we communicate and collaborate, at a fundamental level. No longer are we limited to or by our own team, organisation, locality, time zone. Because social blows the bloody doors off.

Here is just one small example of how social makes new possibilities. Last year I participated in the CIPD Hackathon. The output was a hack called ‘Chuck out Your Chintz’, focusing on those unnecessary but value poor activities that you often find carried out in HR departments.

A few weeks ago the hack was mentioned by Richard Westney in the weekly #nzlead HR twitter chat. Someone suggested that the chucking out of people related chintz was a good topic for a future discussion. And on Thursday this week Richard and I will…

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