Does working in HR make you sexually aroused?

Ok, admit it. You’ve clicked on this post out of interest. Sucked in by the provocative title. I know what you are thinking – has he lost his mind? Where’s he going now? Has he crossed a line?

You want an explanation? Well, let me start by saying this is not a cheap and tacky attempt to boost my blog view stats. Although ironically it probably will because sex sells as they say.

No, It was that moment when I realized someone was writing the sort of blog I would love to write. Only way better than I ever could. Let me introduce you to the wonderful Gloria Ramsbottom-Lemieux.

“Gloria” started following me on Twitter a week or two ago. She works in HR, she is Canadian. That’s good enough for me so of course I followed back. Then this morning perusing my Twitter stream over breakfast I saw this:

“I get sexually aroused by the term HR business partnership.”

It made me laugh out loud. I assumed she was being ironic so responded with “show me the ROI always does it for me.” It got a prompt re-tweet. A meeting of (probably grubby and like) minds.


Then I clicked on her links. What I discovered was a wonderful series of satirical, sarcastic, bitingly spot on observations about life in post-modern HR. She describes life in an organization that is a melting pot of all those organizations you have probably ever worked in and wished you hadn’t. All those crappy jobs and pointless tasks/projects that drive you up the wall. The HR Manager from hell!

Gloria seems to have been posting for over a year and, according to a recent post by the (male) author, has been taken seriously by some including being expelled from some LinkedIn groups for “giving lip.” He’s obviously having a pop at the over-complication of HR and the many hollow phrases we utter all the time. A book may be the final outcome and I do hope so. If it’s half as good as Who Moved my Blackberry it will be worth waiting for.

Whoever you are Gloria, thank you for making me laugh.

So all this of course BEGS the question. What are the things in HR that get you sexually aroused? Go on, I dare you!

By the way, I did once work with someone who swore a good dismissal gave him a ……well, let’s not go there.

20 thoughts on “Does working in HR make you sexually aroused?

  1. Nikki Wilkie says:

    Your title & blog totally stopped me from working late – dead in my tracks! LOVE IT!!! And of course I’d chime in (FOMO otherwise)!

    I was sitting here pondering your blog & how to respond after my opening line …. Then I realising that I was actually scratching my head because I was asking myself … is it sexual arousal or passion that I feel? Then I realised …. that I was probably doing a traditional HR reaction (that I have had engrained into me over the years).

    Meaning I feel I needed to find a way that was more PC & HR’ie to respond…..

    Instead ….. I will answer your direct question!

    My clients now & in the past know that when I have find the ideal & perfect candidate for them, the role & the business …. I break out into a hot flush within the first 5 minutes of the interview. The hot flush has become so reliable that for several years now one of the first questions my clients ask me is ….. “Did you get your hot flush?”

    To be fair …. probably only happens 1 in 5 roles ….. however the only other time I get a hot flush is on a first date …. And I know there is chemistry!

    Awesome question! Great blog!

  2. daviddsouza180 says:

    I got grumpy this morning about how Gloria shares her content (but I do enjoy it). And as for cheap and tacky bumps to blog stats? Apparently #inbed is trending.

  3. perrytimms says:

    I did think what? But because I know you I would have read this anyway.

    Aroused is an interesting word. Not the sexual variety Wikipedia says

    “Arousal is a physiological and psychological state of being awake or reactive to stimuli. It involves the activation of the reticular activating system in the brain stem, the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine system, leading to increased heart rate and blood pressure and a condition of sensory alertness, mobility and readiness to respond.”

    Now THAT chimes.

    Something about working in the profession where people are the focal point gets you going.

    When you realise why people resist crappy one – year only appraisals.

    When you understand that motivated, confident people do amazing things called “work”.

    When you see the dedication some people put into helping others in the name of a job.

    I have a physical, chemical and intellectual reaction to that.

    And that explains why I love what I do for a living.

    Arousing HR folks to do better; brilliant things in pursuit of professional impact is something we could do with more of.

    Gloria ‘ s way might not suit all but it arouses something in people.

    We ought to deplore apathy. Not selected abdication. Pure non – emotive apathy.

    Arousal great. Apathy duff.

    Cheers for a fun read Richard.

      1. perrytimms says:

        If I had even dreamt of apathy on that post I would have thrown in the towel. Selective abdication from responding to guff and trite Bollocks is fine by me. Thanks.

    1. Nikki Wilkie says:

      Hunny .. isn’t that the point of Richard being so “OUT THERE” with his blog …. to not only challenge our HR way of thinking … But also our personally brand / perception way of thinking? You on my FB you would know yesterday my perception on something was challenged (loved it) …. at same time my personal brand perception from their perspective was feedback to me … which was from a business non-HR person – Managing Director even. After that interaction & then Richard’s timing blog … It’s left me wondering …. Do we take ourselves, our personal brands & the perceptions we “should” be creating a little too seriously ….sometimes?

      Have a vino at lunch …. write what turns you on about HR 🙂

      1. amandasterling says:

        We all have different ways of seeing and approaching the world. This includes the way we communicate in real life and through social media.

        It’s great that you had your perception challenged and it is a really nice example that you gave. However, my brand is not some construct I’ve cooked up, it’s me. Part of that is not being comfortable posting content that I see as very personal on public social platforms.

        Does that mean I take it seriously? Probably. But, let me ask you, would you ask the Managing Director colleague that you mentioned to write a public comment about what turns them on?

      2. Nikki Wilkie says:

        FOMO … I’ll reply directly and that’s low blow considering you know where the feedback came from. I’ve have directed all my clients too Richard’s great blog this morning though.

  4. hrmannz says:

    Believe me, this is very out there for me too. I’m actually incredibly dull and safe in reality. The #inbed thing kind of passed me by and I chose not to contribute. The point is – we take ourselves far too seriously at times and hide behind technical HR-babble that most people don’t understand or care about. Everyone in HR claims to be a business partner these days. Most wouldn’t know the meaning of the words. It’s bullshit. I love it when people call that stuff out and make us see how ridiculous we can all be at times.

    1. Nikki Wilkie says:

      Agree. Don’t believe it that out there … when we truly business partner don’t we see first hand that our operational partners get off or are passionate about what they do? Why can’t HR? I confess … I’m off to see what this #inbed thing is … completely missed it & no idea what you guys are talking about.

  5. Gloria says:

    I plan to visit New Zealand soon.
    Is there a way I can lecture and get free lodging in return….in line with my core values of “save a dollar, save a dime, spending cash is a corporate crime.

    1. hrmannz says:

      That’s great news Gloria. I am sure our HR institute will be happy to set you up with a lecture tour of our great railway stations armed with a travel pass and some two for one pizza vouchers. We have so much to learn from the international HR community.

      1. Gloria says:

        I will be “releasing” a new HR product- Glo’s Alumnus Club, for people under 40 who have been exited from our company, partially in line with their good will.
        I will axe-plain how I make them in good-will ambassadors.

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