Welcome to Up the Down Escalator – HRManNZ.com (Richard Westney)
richardx400x230-260x185I am an experienced and passionate HR professional working as an independent contractor. With nearly 25 years experience in HR and management I have worked across many industries and sectors in both the UK and New Zealand.  If you need help with an HR or change project, or a temporary HR resource then get in contact.

Based in Wellington, New Zealand I also blog about all things HR. Why call it Up the Down Escalator?  Well, one of my favourite songs is by an old English punk band called the Chameleons. They had a song of the same title that was essentially about swimming against the tide of humanity.  HR sometimes feels a bit like that!  But it shouldn’t and the last line of the song is “you either swim or you drown.”

So I’m swimming! I am passionate about putting something back, encouraging young practitioners and helping to raise the bar of general mediocrity that seems to exist within the HR profession. Needless to say, all views are my own and you are welcome to challenge anything you disagree with. You can similarly find me and my opinions on LinkedIn and Twitter as @HRManNZ.

I am also big on collaboration. In 2017, with some like-minded practitioners I co-founded the Summer of Biz I established and run the Wellington HR Meetup group.  I am an active mentor and also sit on the HR Advisory Panel of the Association of People Professionals which I helped to set up.





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